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I am a licensed and nationally certified Massage Therapist and have been practicing my brand of healing work for over 38 years.

My bodywork  specialties include therapeutic work and Chi Nei Tsang (an abdominal organ chi massage to unwind knots, tangles and scar tissue, if any, in the organs where we also may store "undigested emotions"). My style is grounded, intuitive, thorough, eclectic and contactful.  


I hold certifications in Core Energetics Evolutionary Therapy  (a body centered psychotherapy) and Pilates. I am a trained Authentic Movement Facilitator and a Mind Body Coach where  I provide private and group coaching as well as classes/courses to help woman with anxiety to restore balance in the nervous system through movement and the arts.   


I believe in giving back and have volunteered in community outreach, I have offered free classes/ sessions to community members with low income resources. I have participated in the 0+ festivals which provides free services for artists and musicians.


I believe in educating my clients about self care and ways to manage stress and anxiety through nutrition, movement  meditation and creative expression

"Ellen taught me to move with precision and strength, always consciously. I feel better, more toned and flexible, and have a strong core - so important. I highly recommend her."

-- Susan B.

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