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Which of my treatments will you choose to help you feel better in your body, mind and soul?


"Ellen is truly gifted at what she does. She goes deeper than just a massage for the physical body, using her intuition and extensive training to personalize the session. I highly recommend Ellen; she's wonderful!"

- Deborah F.

Deep therapeutic massage for head to toe structural and energetic realignment and relaxation. This is the cornerstone of my practice  For realignment and integration as well as addressing any injuries or chronic discomfort.


Chi Nei Tsang abdominal organ massage for overall wellness and specifically for digestive/intestinal issues, reproductive issues and scar tissue release. There are often "undigested emotions" that get held in this deepest level of our physical body. Here we connect the body with the emotions to help clear old patterns as well as unwind knots and tangles in the organs for greater functioning and better over all health. A very grounding and deep experience.  


Nutritional guidance can be combined with any treatment. Connect what you eat and drink with how you feel for maximum results in your wellness. 


Private mat pilates and movement education in my studio. For strength, balance and alignment

Authentic Movement is a meditative movement practice done in small groups with eyes closed in presence of a non judgmental witness followed by writing or visual art as an expression of what is moving through the body. Contact me to learn about current groups or new groups forming.

Somatic Coaching sessions/packages. taking you form where you are to where you want to be mentally and physically using art, movement and writing to access deeper intuitive knowing and to help you reach your goals.  



60 minutes   $120

75 minutes   $140

90 minutes   $175

60 minute private Pilates   $120

8 session coaching package    $ 997

courses and workshops to be determined. 

"Ellen is very intuitive and engaged in the process of the massage. She tunes in to my body, locates those spots of tension and pain and then patiently and powerfully works them out. I always feel grateful after a session with her."

-- Julianne S.

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